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With spring quickly approaching, we at Jacob Frye's Guide Service are preparing for the annual spring striped bass run. Trips will begin April 1st and carry on through the end of May! With the high water levels that the Sacramento River valley has seen this winter, we can expect a tremendous volume of striped bass to enter the Sacramento and Feather River systems. Striped bass spring fishing trips offer action-filled days for the whole family and excellent table fare at the end of the day.

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For your striped bass fishing event, we'll leave the boat launch just before sunrise for a crisp and scenic ride up the river to our fishing grounds. Sometimes, it takes trying a couple of different locations to find the fish, but when you find one striper, there's normally lots more where that came from!

With high water levels like we're seeing, it's not uncommon to put 40-50 fish in the boat every day, with many days approaching or passing 100 fish. Limits of fish (2 per person) are a very normal occurrence in this fishery.

At the end of the day, when everyone has sore arms from fighting fish, we'll head back to the boat ramp, and our guide will fillet your catch and prep fillets for the ice chest.

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Striped bass fishing is great for any angler, novice or expert. We employ many different techniques for these fish depending on the river conditions and the fish's behaviors on any given day.