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Available Now

King Salmon (Anderson-Gridley, CA) ‚Äč

When Summer and Fall come around King Salmon are the name of the game! Trips targeting these river giants are available from July 16th - December 31st. The season of 2022 is expected to be one of the best years of salmon fishing in the Sacramento Valley in recent history. Prime dates will fill fast so do not hesitate to contact me and book your trip!

Trout and Steelhead (Redding, CA) 

The coming Summer and Fall months offer the best of both worlds when it comes to fishing the Sacramento River. We will have excellent weather and river conditions to go with our first-class Trout and Steelhead fishing. Summer trout fishing can mean 50+ fish days with Rainbow trout up to and over 20 inches! Throw in the light tackle we will be using and that is the makings for an EPIC day of Fishing!

Guided Trip Options

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you and your party.

Fly Fishing


Per Day

  2 People Per Boat/Raft

6-10 hours on the water

Prime Morning Hours

Quiet, Scenic River Drifting

All Flies, Gear and Rods Included


Full Day 


Per Person

 Up to 6 anglers

Minimum of 8 Hours or Limits

Most time Fishing

Most popular trip option

All Bait, Gear and Fish Processing Included


 Half Day


Per person (3 minimum)

 Am or Pm trips available

4 Hours on the water 

Perfect for novice anglers

Flexible Schedule

All Bait, Gear and Fish Processing Included